Sunday, December 23, 2012

Swatches and Comparison: Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Collection

Greetings from the Dark Side!

I don't think anyone was as excited as me when I heard about a new collection of Maybelline Color Tattoos! I absolutely love Color Tattoos and I own almost all of them. I stalked my local drugstores to look for these, but I had no luck. When I went to Walmart, I was surprised to see a huge display for the new Metal Color Tattoo collection and I bought all five of the new colors. I want to share swatches of all five shades as well as some comparison swatches. Hopefully, this will help you determine whether or not you are interested in buying any of the new colors or skipping out on them.

Here are the five 


Gold Rush:
Here is 'Gold Rush' compared to Chanel's 'Vision' Illusion D'ombre, the permanent gold Color Tatto 'Bold Gold', the limited edition Color Tattoo 'Gold Shimmer', and one of the Illamasqua Liquid Metals in 'Electrum'. As you can see, 'Gold Rush' in the most vibrant yellow-gold. It looks like what 'Vision' would have looked like it it had a more pigmented base. 'Vision' though, is more sheer and more sparkly. 'Bold Gold', 'Gold Shimmer', and 'Electrum' are dirtier, antique golds.

Barely Branded:
Here is 'Barely Branded' next to the Color Tattoos in 'Barely Beige' and 'Too Cool'. 'Barely Beige' is almost the exact same, although there is a small difference. 'Barely Branded' is slightly more metallic and less pink than 'Barely Beige'. Overall it is a great addition because 'Barely Branded' was limited edition. 

Silver Strike:
Here is 'Silver Strike' next to the Illamasqua Liquid Metal in 'Phenomena' and the Color Tattoo in 'Audacious Asphalt'. 'Phenomena' is more pigmented and more metallic, but it is not as long lasting as 'Silver Strike'. 'Audacious Asphalt' is way more gray than silver.

Electric Blue:
Here is 'Electric Blue' next two the two Color Tattoos in 'Blue on By' and 'Tenacious Teal'. I don't know why this is called Electric Blue, it is definitely more of a navy color. As you can see from the swatches below, the other two blues are very different. The formula of Electric Blue was not as bad as 'Blue on By' or 'Painted Purple', but it was the worst out of the new five shades.

Inked in Pink:
I have nothing similar to Inked in Pink. It was totally unique in my collection!

Do you know of any dupes for these shades? Do any of these new Color Tattoos catch your attention?


  1. They all look amazing!! There's still no sign of the Color Tattoos in my country, so sad T__T

  2. I wish Maybelline would release them all as permanent! I'm head over heel for them and they're aren't many cream shadows like these that really stick on!

  3. i seriously love these! I only have bold gold and its ahhmazing, i wish they would make them permanent bc its hard to get them in some countries

  4. I've lost track how many new shades there are now with color tattoos but I sure hope these new ones are available in my country too! The gold especially, because that looks so vibrant and barely branded looks beautiful.

  5. I just picked up Silver Strike and Gold Rush yesterday! I really hope to find Barely Branded since I missed out on Barely Beige :(

  6. I think I want them all. Amazing colours!

  7. My gods these look awesome! I've never used those before, I'll have to pick some up.

  8. what lovely shades...truly metallic....these are my all time favorites for shoots and bridals...

  9. The swatches are great! Yes your photography is good :) Time for me to invest in a camera for better pictures.

  10. Thank you for the review.. waww.. i love color tattoo so much and really want to have all of the color shade. Color tattoo is not available in my country (Indonesia), and i have to buy it online with 2-3 weeks waiting for the expedition, but i still in love with it..


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