Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update: Upcoming Posts and Finals

Hello all of you lovelies!  I hope you had a better Monday than me!

I want to write this quick update because I might not be very active on my blog for the next week. This is the last week of my Uni's Fall quarter, and I have four 10 page papers to write by the beginning of this Thursday. Not just that, but I have finals starting at the beginning of next week. It could not be the worst timing! The Skyrim Dragonborn DLC is coming out! But oh well. Work first, play later. I really want to get my work done before posting anything. I just finished my very first paper a couple of minutes ago. My second paper is actually on Harry Potter, so that is going to be so fun to write!

This doesn't mean I won't be posting anything, but I will have to be very meticulous with my time. I have tons of things that I want to post and so little time to do it! So far, my schedule only allows me one post from now until the end of Thursday, so I want you to help me out a bit. I have a few posts in mind so let me know what it is that you want to see ;) Some possible posts are:

1.  Updated Skin Care Routine (products and mini reviews)

2. Legend of Zelda Series: Princess Ruto (look and tutorial)

3. Shiro Wednesday ( a look using Shiro Cosmetics)

4. Armani/Chanel Haul

5. Return of the Look: Wakka/Lulu Look

So there you go! Let me know in the comments what post you want to see the most. If you want something other than what is above, you are free to request that as well :) Thank you so much for being patient and totally awesome! If any of you are also in school, I wish you luck with any assignments and/or finals!


  1. Hmm... I miss college. I actually kind of want to read your paper on Harry Potter XD

  2. how many can i choose nancy? haha
    i'd choose 3 and 5.. and 1. :)
    good luck with all your papers! i've actually done a report and presentation about Harry Potter before too hahaha...

  3. Good luck with finals Nancy! I have a huge paper due tomorrow, if I don't pass it, I fail the class >_<

  4. I want to see you Armani & Chanel haul. I love looking at the products you've purchased.


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