Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tutorial: Artoo Girl

Greetings from the Dark Side ♥

Being super obsessed with both makeup and Star Wars means that those two categories sometimes come together to create some super geeky makeup. I was inspired by my latest acquisition of the Black Milk Artoo Dress and created this R2-D2 makeup to go with my dress. This look is super fun and I loved it! It is perfect for parties and for comic/anime/geeky conventions ^_^ If you want to know how I created this look, then stick around and let your inner geek jump with glee at the sight of this!

                                                                            Products Used                                                              
-MAC Paint Pot 'Painterly'
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'Wintergrasp', 'R2', and 'Lightsaber' eyeshadows
-L'oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner
-NARS 'Kitty' Pencil Eyeliner
-Maybelline Mega Plush mascara
-Ardell Lashes
-Revlon Gems

-Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream
-MAC 'Full of Joy' Blush
-Lime Crime 'Airborne Unicorn' Lipstick


1. Start by priming your eye lids. This is so important, especially with very vibrant and dramatic looks.

2. Apply a matte white eyeshadow on the inner 1/3 of the eye including the inner corner.  I used VDC 'Wintergrasp' eyeshadow.

3. Take a flat brush and pat on a vibrant blue on the rest of the lid. I used VDC 'R2' eyeshadow from the Star Wars themed collection. (Tip: Don't use Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy or anything similar! I did this and it made it impossible to blend the shimmery blue with the white because the white is matte and mattes don't work well with the Pixie Epoxy).

4. With a blending brush, start to blend the blue into the crease. Also, blend the blue and white slightly together to create a nice gradient. If you did not apply the Pixie Epoxy like me, this should not be too difficult.

 5. With a pencil brush, apply a deeper blue from the outer corner onto the outer V and the outer perimeter of the crease. You are basically making a "C" shape from the lower lash line to the top of the crease on the lid. I used VDC 'Lightsaber' eyeshadow.

6. Make sure to blend the darker blue into the lighter blue. You don't want any harsh edges.

7. Apply the finishing touches. I used a blue eyeliner on the waterliner (NARS 'Kitty' liner), liquid liner, mascara and false lashes.

8. To really make this an  R2-D2 look, I applied a large black gem on the center of my lower lash line and a smaller red gem right next to the black one. 

                                                                           Finished Look                                                               

Here is me with my little R2~! R2 is seriously one of my favorite characters from Star Wars. R2 says nothing really, but has more attitude than most of the characters!

And here is me wearing my gangster R2-D2 hat. I don't wear hats but this was so cute! It is purely a collectable! Still, it looks kind of kickass. Looking at this photo now I feel like a total DERP! I just noticed I never took of the tag on the inside of the hat >_<"

And here is my outfit. I am wearing the Black Milk Artoo Dress with tights, a cardigan and long boots. The dress is really cute, but much too short for my taste.


  1. you look so cute!!! i love the dress! haha and the hat - i heard it makes you cooler if you keep the tags on ;)

  2. as always you did a great eye make up..! I love it <3

  3. I love all this R2D2 stuff, so cute :D The eye makeup is really complimentary to the dress/cap.

  4. You look so adorable!! I'm really in love with the eye makeup :-)

  5. Gorgeous shades of blue. That dress is awesome!

  6. DAMN GIRL! My boyfriend would fall head over heels in love with you if he met you like this! ;) hahah . THIS IS SO BADASS. Absolutely love it

  7. This is a cute look but without the swag it'd be hard to tell it's an artoo look. You GOTTA rock that hat and dress ^_^ They look more flattering on you thank you give yourself credit for.

  8. Lovely dress and make up ;)


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