Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Impression: Anastasia HyperColor Brow & Hair Powders

Greetings from the Dark Side :)

As you may have noticed, I love bright hair colors! If I could I would want ALL of my hair to be a lavender color. But alas, my hair is very dark and I would inevitably ruin my hair with all the bleaching I would have to do to get my hair to be almost white.

I am not the only one who does not like to bleach my hair (even though I still do!), and so many others who seek to have bright hair colors use alternative methods of hair color. One of those methods is hair chalk. The brand Anastasia Beverly Hills has released something similar to hair chalk called HyperColor. They say that unlike hair chalk, HyperColor "is ultra-pigmented, safe for cosmetic use on brows and eyes, and won't dry your hair out". These are wipe-on hair colors that wash off safely and easily from the hair so it is ideal for people who don't want to commit to semi-permanent hair colors.

I wanted to test these out to see how they work. I have both my natural dark brown hair and bleached hair to work with, so I have the advantage to testing how these work on dark versus light colored hair. Let use see how they did!

The HyperColors come in five shades: Electric Blue, Teal Tornado, Mega Watt Green, In The Pink, and Ultra-Violet.

Here is my bleached/colored hair as it looks on its own:

I just began to test out the color and the pigmentation of these HyperColors by getting small sections of hair and swiping them across the powder. You might want to wear a glove so yours fingers don't get stained. After you are satisfied with how it looks, apply hairspray to lock the color in.

The first color I tried was Electric Blue. This looks great with a just a few swipes! It is a really pigmented color!

Next I tried Mega Watt Green and In The Pink. You can see that Mega Watt Green did not fair too well on my bleached hair, while In The Pink looks fantastic!

I just followed along and used all the colors in different places of my bleached and natural hair.

                                                                        First Impression                                                              

Overall, I was very impressed with these. Why? Because they are very pigmented and apply very easily. The one thing that I was most impressed by is that when you spray the colored parts with hairspray and you run your hands through your hair, you get no trasnfer of color (if you do get any, it is very minimal). It is also really cool that you can use these as brow colors! If you already have colored hair, this is a great way to get your brows the same color as you hair. It kind of sucks that In The Pink is not safe for use on the brows though, it would have made a fantastic brow color!

The colors varied though so let me break down my thoughts of each color individually:

Electric Blue: one of the best of the bunch. It was the brightest, most vivid blue and applied the easiest. It looked great on both my bleached hair and my natural hair. If you have dark hair, this might be the best choice for hair color.

Teal Tornado: Similar to Electric Blue. It looked great on both my bleacher hair and my natural hair. It also was vivid and very pigmented.

Mega Watt Green: This one for some reason did not look at all good on my bleached hair. It actually did better on my darker hair. I think this will not look so great on you with blonde hair that has an orange undertone. It will be a better color for brunettes.

In The Pink: My favorite color besides Electric Blue. This was really pigmented and looked fantastic! It showed up brightly on my already pink/lavender hair! I wish this was safe for the brows as I have struggled to find a good pink brow color.

Ultra-Violet: The least pigmented of all the HyperColors. This will probably show up better on people with very light blonde hair. On me, it didn't show up at all sadly. I still want to try this as a brow color since it is very similar in color to my lavender hair color.

I recommend Electric Blue, Teal Tornado, and In The Pink. 

For more information, check out the HyperColors on the Anastasia website where you can also buy them for $12.50 each.

*Products shown were sent for consideration and review. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Cool !!
    How long it will last on your hair?

    1. I think that will depend on every person's hair. On me, it stayed on until I showered. It is recommended that you shower at night to remove the colors. I had it on for about 4 hours although I was really just testing the colors and not really going out anywhere. I will make sure to apply one all day to see how it wears :D

  2. The blue and pink looks really awesome with your current hair colour!! :D I think this is waaay better than chalk; chalk doesn't show up well and dries out hair horribly. Now, if there was a way to buy these in Malaysia.....

  3. What a fun way to add color to hair without committing to anything! So very useful for people who want bright hair for a night out but have work the day after, or maybe just people who want to test drive a color and see how they like it first. It reminds me a lot of the Kevin Murphy color bugs.

  4. Darling, use them in your brows, I'd love to see that, I have to try them because I love painting my eyebrows in diferent colors :)

  5. These look great - I was always partial to clip-ins though because I'm messy with color hair products.
    As for the Wakka-Lulu look, I was hoping you could do it with Lime Crime shadows?

  6. oh so fun!! my hair is black so i'd love to play it up with something funky like these. thanks for the post!

  7. It looks lovely! Where can we buy it ?

  8. It looks lovely :) where can we buy it?


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