Thursday, December 20, 2012

Updated Skin Care Routine

Hello loves!

I've been meaning to post this updated skin care routine for some time now, but I wanted to wait a little longer just to make sure I was sure about all the products I wanted to mention. Skin care is the most hard to discuss subject for me because 1) I have terrible skin and 2) every one has different skin and will react very differently to the same products. Because of this, I find it a challenge to review skin care products or to talk about my skin care routine. Recently, I gained some confidence in this topic because my skin has improved some much in these past couple of months. So, without further adieu, here is my updated skin care routine with some mini reviews for each product :)

1. Bioderma Crealine H2O 
I've talked about this little gem a few times already, but it is definitely a product worth re-mentioning. I never thought I'd love this product so much and at first I thought it was just a fancy bottle of water. How wrong I was! This is by far the best makeup remover I have ever used. And by "makeup remover" I don't really mean eye makeup remover, but face makeup remover. This stuff works wonders on removing foundations, concealers, blush, etc. I don't particularly love this for removing eye makeup, but it does remove that well enough. This is definitely HG status!

How I Use This: I start my nightly skin care routine by taking some of the bioderma on a cotton pad and swiping all of my skin to remove all my foundation. This is to make sure I have removed any traces of makeup that could possibly clog my pores and leaves your skin ready for cleansing.

2. Artistry Hydrating Cleanser

This is one of those products that I have been using for many years and has become a "safe-zone" for me. This cleanses my skin while hydrating and softening my skin. at first glance, this doesn't seem like it does much, but if I stop using it, I will start to break out. This happened just last week. I stopped using it for a few days to use another cleanser, and I started breaking out! Not only after I realized what caused my breakout and I started using this again that my breakout started to heal. So, in other words, even though this doesn't give my skin a great change, it maintains the balance of my skin to prevent me from breaking out.

How I Use This: I use this every morning to cleanse my skin. at night, after removing my makeup with the Bioderma, I apply this and use my Clarisonic to deep cleanse my skin. 

3. Clarisonic Mia2

I have been using this since the end of September. The Clarisonic is so hyped that I wanted to try it out for myself and see if it actually works. After using this for almost 3 months now, I can happily say that this is a wonderful tool! For me, it has definitely been worth my money. I think this was one of the products that has made a huge difference in my skin. But, a word of warning. Sometimes, your skin will get worse before it gets better. This happened to me. In the first week that I started using this, my pores looked so clogged and gross. I guess that the Clarisonic was purging out all the gunk from my pores and it was wasn't until that was cleaned up that my skin started to look better. This is also the best cleansing tool ever! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean every time I use it. I use the Acne brush in case you were wondering.

How I Use This: At night time, after using the Bioderma, I will use this with my cleanser to deep clean my skin. This will prep your skin for any following skin care products.

4. Artistry Illuminating Essence and TATCHA Brightening Serum

Serums are my favorite skin care product. There are two that I currently use: this Artistry one and the TATCHA Brightening Serum. I decided to use these two in different intervals because if I use the same product for too long, my skin will get used to it and the product will stop producing a positive effect on my skin. So, I decided to use the TATCHA serum, then the Artistry one, then go back to the TATCHA  serum and so on. They are actually similar in texture and both provide similar results on my skin. I still think the TATCHA serum is more effective and has better ingredients (it has helped my acne scars SO much!), but it is also more expensive.

How I Use This: After cleansing my skin, I take 2-3 pumps of the serum and gently pat it onto my skin with my fingertips (morning and night).

5. Artistry Soothing Creme (or the TATCHA Silk Creme moisturizer)

Like the Artistry cleanser, this is one of those "safe" products for me. This does not break me out nor does it make me oily. It hydrates and soothes my skin. Can't say much else since it is not an anti-aging or "special" moisturizer. It does have antioxidants and is said to be great for sensitive skin!
I also use the TATCHA moisturizer when  my skin starts to feel more oily. The TATCHA moisturizer balances out my combination skin just perfectly~

How I Use This: After applying my serum and waiting about a minute, I apply a small amount of this creme on my entire face, patting it gently against my skin (morning and night).

6. Paula's Choice Resist BHA 9

I have not been using this product for too long, but I already love it. This is a serum for "stubborn imperfections" and it definitely works. It has helped me with my acne, my pores, and with my very stubborn dry patches around my chin. The best part is that I  believe this has helped to stop my hormonal breakouts (thats right I said it!). I thought it was nearly impossible to stop hormonal breakouts and mine are really bad. But I only got one tiny pimple during my last menstrual cycle which is nothing compared to what I usually have. I'm crossing my fingers and hope that this will keep on helping! I have a First Impression post for this if you are curious.

How I Use This: I wear this only at night. I apply one pump on my entire face. I, again, gently pat it on my skin with my fingertips.

Recent Purchases

Here are two products that I just purchased and have yet to really use. I have already started using the ROC eye cream, but I have only used it one (First Impression coming soon!). I have a hard time with eye creams and I desperately need a really good eye cream for the small wrinkles under my eyes! If you have any suggestions for eye creams let me know in the comments :)

The other product is this expensive serum by Sunday Riley called Good Genes. I will start to use this soon :)

Shout Out to TATCHA

Lastly, I wanted to give a huge shout out to TATCHA. My skin really only started to improve after using their deluxe samples of skin care. I still use the Moisturizer on my T zone because it does an amazing job at balancing the skin. The Brightening Serum was by far my favorite product and it has become a permanent addition to my skin care routine. If you are into high end skin care, I highly recommend you try TATCHA!!

Thank you for reading ♥ See you next time!


  1. Thanks for showing us your faves! I have soemthing similar to the Clarasonic and I seriously love it too :D I really want to try Paula's Choice stuff... I've heard such good things about it! especially the serum you have :D

    1. Yes, I have also heard great things about Paula's Choice. I heard about the Resist BHA 9 and it sounded amazing. It turned out to be quite amazing for me too!

  2. Thanks Nancy!! I love reading about skincare!! So you're starting to use a retinol now (the roc cream)? Have you tried them before? I just started using Neutrogena Healthy Skin anti-wrinkle night cream and I can't believe I ever lived without it. Retinols are amazing on my acne-prone skin >_> just make sure you've got good sunscreen, amirite? (:


    1. I have not tried any retinol products before so it is quite new. Although this can be used on other parts of the face I am just sticking to using around my eyes for now. But I might try it around the areas I break out on later. Thank you so much for the tip :)

    2. No problem! I use mine on my eyes but also my face (Even though it's only said for face). I read it doesn't really matter the formula is usually the same for face/eyes.

      How has it been going with the retinol? It's been a couple months now ^_^

  3. GREAT post Nancy, I love hearing about your favorites because we seem to have similar skin types. I recently found this snail cream moisturizer called Elcinia and I am really loving it! And my current cleanser is Neutrogena Ultra Gentle which is actually really nice, too. (:

  4. GOOD to see others skincare routine. my friend love Yves rocher eye cream. i am searching for good eye cream too. Heard a lot of rave about Clarisonic too but it is really expensive for me T_T.

  5. fantastic clarisonic
    i would buy it


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