Friday, December 28, 2012

First Impression: ROC Deep Wrinkle Filler

Price and Availability
$19.99 in most drugstores

 First Impression
This retinol cream is designed for use on the eye area and any where else on the face. It is suggest that you use it morning and night, but you can also just use it at night. I used this for four days morning and night. Sadly, I have not had a good experience with this. 

I only used it under my eyes since I have some some wrinkles that really bother me. I deiced to use it twice a day since it would probably be more effective. I think I should have only used it once a day since this is a retinol cream and I have no previous experience with retinol. I used this on the first four days without a problem. On the fifth day, I awoke like any other day and proceeded to wash my face. When I washed my face, I noticed that the area around my eye would sting every time I even touched it. When I dried my face, I saw that my area was very red and irritated. That area become incresingly more painful throughout the day and it even started to peel and look flaky. Not only that, but my small wrinkles looked worse. 

I should have been more careful in using this type of cream. I guess my eye area is more sensitive than I thought. I don't blame the cream, but rather my own judgement. Retinols can cause redness, irritation, and peeling and I should have had that in mind. I will give this another try once my under eye area is normalized. I might just use this every other day at night to make sure I don't over do it. 

Overall, I feel that this cream is more targeted for use on other parts of the face. To me, it seems a little too strong for regular, two times a day use on the eye area. 


  1. Yeah retinols are pretty tough on new skin :( I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I hope your skin gets better!

  2. Yeah if you're new to retinols try every other day for a while, your skin will get better and you're so young if you start now you will have butter perfect skin when you're 80 (:

    Also, it might help to make sure you don't wash with anything irritating before appying retinol (salicylic acid, SLS, glycolic acid etc), don't double up in the same skincare routine. I break up my harshies so some are morning, some are night.

    1. Thanks for the tips! It is weird because I don't use anything with harsh ingredients and I use a very gentle cleanser too. I was using SPF like directed on the tube too. Who knows D:
      I think my skin is just not used to retinols so I need to go easier with the amount I use.


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