Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Years Tutorial: Mystic Midnight

Greetings from the Dark Side!
Are you all ready for the New Year? Well spend your New Years Eve with this Mystic Midnight look~!

                                                                         Products Used                                                                 
-Maybelline 'Electric Blue' Color Tattoo
-L'oreal 'The Mystic's Gaze' Eyeshadow Quad
-Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'Skywalker' eyeshadow
-Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'FAMAS' glitter
-Milani Liquif'Eye Black eyeliner pencil
-Maybelline Mega Plush mascara
-L'oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner
-Ardell Lashes

-Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream
-MAC 'Eversun' Blush
-Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss 'Crystal Lilac'


 1. This first step is optional, but I highly recommend it. Get a piece of scotch tape and apply it on the outer corners of the eye to make a straight edge. Make sure the tape is not too sticky before you apply it near your eye since the eye area is very delicate.

2. Use either a primer or color base for this look. I am using Maybelline's 'Electric Blue' Color Tattoo which is a deep navy.

3. With a flat brush, start applying a dark navy color on the lid. I used the dark navy in the L'oreal 'The Mystic's Gaze' quad.

 4. With a fluffy brush, blend a dark purple onto the edge of the navy. I am again using colors from the L'oreal quad.

 5. Use a shimmery light purple to blend the previous colors even more. Blend upwards. I used the lightest purple in the L'oreal quad.

 6. This look is really all about the blending, so apply a shimmery light color on the brow bone and blend it into the light purple shade. I used Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'Skywalker' eyeshadow, a shimmering sheer white.

 7. Once you are satisfied with the eyeshadows on the lid, you can go ahead and take the scotch tape off. As you can see, it will give the eyeshadows a very sharp line.

 8. Start on the lower lash line. Apply a black eyeliner on the waterline. I used Milani's Liquif'Eye eyeliner in Black.

9. Using the same L'oreal palette, apply the same navy on the outer half of the lower lash line.

10. Then, use the shimmery green from the quad, and apply it on the inner half of the lower lash line.

(If you want to, you can stop here. I proceeded to apply glitter, but you definitely don't have to.)

11. Apply glitter on the lid to give your look some extra sparkle. I totally messed the glitter up :/ I am a complete glitter noob! But I am sure you can all do better!

 12. Finish the look with mascara, lashes, and liquid eyeliner.


                                                                      Finished Look                                                                    

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  1. What a stunning look, Nancy! Glitter is perfect for New Year's celebration. ;)

  2. gorgeous ! Thanks for the tutorial <3
    I love your hair >.<

  3. This look is so stunningly enchanting! Loving those blue streaks in your hair too luv!

  4. coool your dress or top but it is just cool
    . love the hair

    1. Gorgeous then :) It is lace right?

    2. Yeah! The top portion anyways. It is a magenta peplum style top. The lace starts from the bust up to the neck. I definitely need to do a OOTD with it sometime :)

  5. I love your hair so much! Damn, I really want my hair blue! =[[

    1. Thanks! I kind of just dyed it on a whim!

  6. Gorgeous tutorial Nancy! And I love, love, LOVE the blue in your hair! I used to have blue in my hair too, and I love the way it looks :)

    1. Thanks dear! I used to have blue in my hair back when I was in high school, and I kind of just rashly decided to dye it blue again. :)

  7. Beautiful! I love the green :D

    1. Thank you! Green looks terrific on brown eyes and it looks really great on you!

  8. Beautiful! I love the green with the dark blues. That glitter is a great colour.


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