Monday, April 23, 2012

Fyrinnae Swatches + Review: New Fyrinnae Colors and More

As some of you may have noticed, Fyrinnae has released new colors lately. A while ago I purchased some of the new colors and well as some older colors I didn't have yet. They also released 4 new colors and one re-released color, which I purchased as well and I literally just got in the mail. I haven't used the new ones all that much but I will give you my thoughts based on what I have seen from swatching them.

*swatched with a slightly damp brush

New Colors

Parental Advisory (reformulated color) - vivid blue-toned purple with pinky, multi-color shimmers.What's not to love? It is a vivid beautiful purple.Really awesomely pigmented on its own and even better over a base or foiled. This is what I imagined Lime Crime's 'Empress' was going to be like. I would say this is a way better version of Empress.
Beauty Blogger - mid-toned purple based pink with blue sparkles. At first I though this color was going to very "blah" and whatever. I purchased it mostly because I wanted to have it to show you guys. But, I was pleasantly surprised. It is not as pink as I had imagined it would be, which for me it is good since I don't really like pink eyeshadows. It has more purple tones and the blue sparkles really makes this unique. The sparkles are more prominent when used dry, surprisingly. Still not my favorite of the new colors, but much better than I expected.
Picture It: Sicily - bright coral with a golden/pinky sheen. On my skin it is much more orange than pink. I wouldn't say this is super pigmented on it's own, but it's definitely not sheer. It packs a punch of coral without being super bright.

Pteranodon - sparkling vivid turquoise with fine silver sparkles. Like the rest of the colors, this was pigmented on its own.
Bitey Tyrannasaur- bright lime green with gold and green shimmer. This looks gorgeous on its own, but I think it was the sheerest of the new colors. I absolutely love it though. I don't have a color quite like it. From what I hear, this is the most popular color right now! Gotta love the name too ♥
Anemone (not part of the new colors) - iridescent sage/sea foam green/sky blue with a gold overlay. It is one of those colors that is very hard to describe! And I can't believe I didn't own this color. It is lovely!

 Some what new colors...

Callipygian - dark shimmery emerald green on a black base.
Lorem Ipsum - medium blue with gold/yellow sparkles. Probably one of my favorite blues at the moment. It is soooo pretty!
*You're - bright candy red with multi-color shimmer.
Cuddlefish - vivid purple with blue and purple shimmer. It is much lighter and girly, less blue-toned compared to Parental Advisory.
Shenanigans - bronze with striking blue sparkles. This is very pigmented and super easy to use.
Close up of Cuddlefish
Older colors

Samahain Spirits - purple toned, coppery brown with golden shimmer. Very pigmented and lovely.
Freya - dark, almost black, navy-toned purple with fine shimmer. This is PIGMENTED! Cannot believe I didn't have this purple!
Candy Coated - frosty burgundy red. I don't particularly like this one. It is different that described on the website (deep crimson red). This is much too burgundy than crimson I believe. I am disappointed because I did not want a burgundy color.
Bite Me- satin, slightly pink toned, red. The texture of this is almost like a matte shadow, but it is not completely matte.

It's hard not to love every single color I buy from Fyrinnae. The shadows are complex, pigmented, and just so easy to use. The only color from my recent purchases that I did not like was Candy Coated, mostly because I really wanted a deep crimson red and that one did not deliver. As always, I will try to use all of these in some EOTDs or FOTDs :) Hope the swatches are useful!


  1. really nice swatches

  2. Totally drooling for beauty blogger and samahain spirits!

  3. Ooooh, all the colours are lovely! I love the 3 from the 2nd pictures best though. :)

  4. Such gorgeous and pigmented swatches! LOVE!

  5. I love Fyrinnae! These are great colours. I definitely need to get some of the new colours.

  6. Oh my gosh there are like 5 colors in there I adore. I've heard good things about their shadows but their shipping is awful and the site goes down a lot. Do you know if it's still like this or has your experience been a positive one?

  7. They all have great names. I love the color on Pteranodon. Unfortunately it's not a good color for me.

  8. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh I love love love LOVE Fyrinnae! They were my inspiration to start my own company :)

  9. I have yet to purchase something from Fyrinnae, but now Samahain Spirits and Freya is definitely on my list!

  10. OMG these look so gorgeous! I can see a Fyrinnae order in my near future!


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