Sunday, April 15, 2012

Victorian Disco Review: Crystalline Affections 'Rinoa x Squall'

During one of of the Victorian Disco sales, I managed to pick up the last sets of the Crystalline Affections shadows. I love the concept of them and the colors are gorgeous. This next one is based on Rinoa and Squall from final Fantasy VIII.

Crystalline Affections Collection 
 A collection inspired by Final Fantasy. Specifically, these are duos that represent some of the characters as a romantic couple. Super cute and unique!

Price and Availability
You can find these at the Victorian Disco Cosmetics.
Full Size Duo - $8
Mini Size Duo - $4    

Super cute! Love the stickers on the jars! Remember that only the full size jars come with the stickers.
This is actually Tidus x Yuna but you can get an idea of what the packaging looks like.



Rinoa - medium-toned cornflower blue with a blue sheen.
Squall - deep golden brown with gold shimmer.

*swatched with a slightly damp brush

As usual, the formula of these were really fantastic. Squall is super pigmented and absolutely perfect, and the color reminds me a lot of a darker version of NARS Galapagos. Rinoa is exactly what I would imagine a Rinoa-inspired color to look like! This one is a bit sheerer and a little more difficult to use, but it has a very beautiful sheen and shimmer. I think this is such a cute pairing, but I am not sure how to use these colors together yet. I always love using brown with blue, yet I am having a hard time using the two together in one look. I will keep trying so I can post a look using these two.
But, besides my little dilemma, these look really nerdtastic on the eyes!

 Check out a tutorial HERE

Rating: 9/10

Which of the two is your favorite?


  1. Both the colours are pretty spot on how i imagine they'd be! :D Blue like Rinoa's clothing and brownish or blackish for Squall, hehe.

  2. Seeing as how I'm currently playing this and it's my favorite FF ever, I think I'm gonna buy these. *_*

  3. Those colors look good.

  4. Ooh, I love how Squall looks! Rinoa looks very pretty too. :)


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