Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review: KKCenterhk Lashes ES A598

Hi guys! Here is another lash review :)

The ES A598 is a set of five pairs of different lashes. They all have a thin and flexible band.

Price and Availability
These are available on KKCenterhk for $15.44.

Product Review
I feel like I am repeating myself with my reviews for the ES lashes. These are amazing!! The bands are very thin and flexible and I feel like they are the easiest to apply of all the ES lashes I have tried. They look fantastic and very natural. they get about 3-4 uses before I had to throw a pair away. There is five pairs which are all very easy to wear. The set is $15.44, which means each pair is a little over $3.This set is a little more expensive than the other ES sets, but I think these are so much higher quality and they are so easier to apply. 

Here are some looks using these lashes:

This is a look I haven't posted yet

I really, really like these. My favorite thing about them, to repeat myself, is how easy they are to apply. I highly recommend them!


*Products shown were sent for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love all the looks and the lashes look great on you! I like how most of the styles look very natural, with the exception of the last one in the package. That one looks a bit too bushy for my taste :P

  2. they really looks good. which glue you used for the lashes ?

  3. Love the lashes and the accompanying looks! I love how lashes just amp up a look... Such a fantastic addition to any style of makeup!

  4. I love that new look with the Fett!

  5. Loving the lashes and the looks!


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