Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Legend of Zelda Series: Link

How can you have a Legend of Zelda series without Link, the hero of time?! Without the hero of awesomeness?! Well you cannot. It's simply not possible. So here is my very first Link look. First? Yes, first! I was already planning on doing more than one look for Link, but I ended up being rather displeased with this look. I am still posting it though. I feel that this looks too lemon-y, almost 7 Up inspired xD But oh well. I still like the look, just not so much for Link. I hope you like it regardless!

Link!~Inspiration picture~ (from Google search):

Link Inspired Look

*Again sorry for the messy brows @_@

Products Used

-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
-Urban Decay 24/7 Liner pencil 'Perversion'
-Victorian Disco 'Dowry'
-Victorian Disco  'Symmetrical Garden'
-Lime Crime ChinaDoll Palette (Jade-O-Lade and Goldfish)
-Wet n Wild 'Vanity' Palette (matte dark brown)
-Maybelline Illegal Length mascara
-KKCenterhk ES A598 Lashes


1. Take a pencil brush or a crease brush and apply Dowry (a dark matte forest green) on the outer V, crease, and half of the lower lash line. We want to have a very dark, forest-y color :)

2. To further play up with the greens, I applied a small amount of Jade-O-Lade from the Lime Crime ChinaDoll Palette and top it off with a little bit of Victorian Disco's Symmetrical Garden. The combination makes this a slightly lighter and shimmery green.  The shimmer adds a nice iridescent touch xD

3. This is where I feel that I messed up. I applied Goldfish from the ChinaDoll palette in the inner part of the lid, but I think this is far too yellow and gold. I wanted to use a color that would represent Link's blond hair. *sigh*

4. Besides green, Link wears a lot of brown accessories. I applied a matte dark brown on the lower lash line.

5. Apply liquid liner, mascara, and black liner on the waterline. 

 6. Now you could leave the look like this, but I was unhappy, and I applied a little more of Dowry on the on the crease and blended it a lot more. I was still unhappy...LOL.

Here is a full face shot. I went with a neutral lip color, Rimmels Airy Fairy Lipstick. I was just not feeling up to taking pictures this day. It was hot and I had been wearing the makeup for a few hours when I took this. I also realize that neutral colors don't look all that great on me xD

Thank you for reading ♥ Until next time!


  1. I love it just wish I was a few year younger to get away with wearing these colours on my eyes , they are lovely by the way1

  2. Pretty! I quite like this combo, don't beat yourself up too much :p

  3. Hey!
    I just awarded you the versatile blogger award. You can check it out at

  4. Still a great look! I love the dark green. :)


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